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CONTACT:  David P. Gienapp

PHONE:  248.624.6011



WIXOM, MICHIGAN… Signature Automotive Products is presenting at the 2011 SEMA Show its ground-breaking air-cooling system that relies on solar power to maintain an ambient temperature inside a vehicle when parked or in motion.  The system, known as Cool Breeze, will be unveiled in the Roadwire exhibit.

According to Signature President Dave Gienapp, the innovative Cool Breeze product converts electrical power generated through solar panels to highly efficient and quiet 12-volt DC fans that extract heat from a vehicle and draw in cooler air to keep the cabin at or below ambient temperature.

The modular unit, which looks like a two-panel pop-up sunroof, features a fixed glass fused to the powering solar panels and a pop-up piece that vents air to the outside. A quick-fit, snap-in headliner fascia facilitates fast and easy headliner fitment.  A protective water-resistant hinging panel ensures that the vehicle interior will remain dry while the unit is in the vent position.

“The beauty of Cool Breeze is that it can be installed in virtually any vehicle and the air-cooling system works whether the vehicle is parked or in motion,” said Gienapp. “It’s truly a green product.  By utilizing solar power to run the fans and keep a vehicle interior cool, Cool Breeze reduces the use of air conditioning, thereby lowering gas consumption while significantly reducing carbon emissions. And because Cool Breeze keeps the cabin cooler, it also helps prevent heat-created damage to the interior and cabin contents.”

Designed exclusively in the U.S. by Signature and SoCool Inc., Cool Breeze will be manufactured and assembled in Signature’s Wixom, Mich., facility.  Signature will sell Cool Breeze in the U.S. directly and through its affiliate Roadwire.  “By combining forces with Roadwire and partnering with inventors and developers to create Cool Breeze, we’re extremely proud to introduce this truly unique and pioneering product,” said Gienapp.

Signature Automotive Products is widely recognized as a premier manufacturer of sunroofs and open-air systems. To view the all-new Cool Breeze, visit the Roadwire exhibit, booth 12417 in the North Hall. For more information, call 248.624.6011.

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