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Signature Automotive Products, Wixom, MI. November 16, 2011.  Signature Automotive Products has begun including in its Signature 840 and 845 Sunroof kits a new and significantly improved headliner substrate.  The new substrate is made of a light weight composite material with a consistent height and a finely cut opening that will allow installers to efficiently achieve a superior headliner finish.

The new substrate is a compression molded plastic and foam product that replaces the current pressed-wood based substrate that had been used in Signature’s 840 and 845 inbuilt sunroofs for many years.  This new stronger substrate includes mounting brackets glued firmly in place.  The sunroof opening of the new substrate is robotically cut by a water-jet process assuring consistency in the sunroof opening.  The precisely cut inner edges eliminates the sometimes rougher edges on the current substrate that at times proved to be harsh on the headliner wrap process.  Additionally, the use of a robotic cutter and heat-shaping process provides a consistent substrate interior height that allows for an improvement in the fitment of the vehicle headliner.

The composite material allows for a 70% weight reduction, making it easier for the restyler to maneuver during installation.  The composite material stands up beautifully in hot and humid conditions; tests show that the substrate materials maintain their form and characteristics at temperatures in excess of 200 degrees which is much hotter than a vehicle interior will achieve under the most severe conditions.

Another key feature of the new substrate is that it is an off-white color that works well with all headliner colors.  The previous substrate was brown and some restylers found that its darker color resulted in a slight color run in light-colored factory interiors.  Finally, the composite fiberglass and foam material, supplied from a large respected OE headliner company, serves to muffle the sound of the sunroof motor and helps insulate the cabin from other outside noises.

In summary, the lighter, stronger, and more finely cut substrate translates into more efficient sunroof installations that will save labor dollars for the business owner.

According to Signature’s Pete Grasshoff, Technical and Operations Manager, “The development of the new headliner resulted from welcomed comments by our restyling community.  This corroborative effort has resulted in an outstanding substrate that will increase restyler installation efficiencies, reduce installation time, and result in a clean OE appearance in every application.”

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